Don't write a single word until you answer these three questions

All the grammar, spelling and writing skills won't produce the right content if you don't intimately know these 3 things about your business!

  1. Who are you - really?
    More than any other tactic used to 'stand out', brand personality instantly gives you a unique position in your industry. How are you using language to give your business an edge?

  2. Who do you love working with  - and how well do you know them?
    If you don't know your audience well enough, you can't 'write to them' in a way that makes it easy for them to love you. Different people respond to different words in different ways.

  3. What is your motivation?
    The more specific the purpose of your content, the more successful it will be. A good fly fisherman will catch only the right fish.

This course has been designed for businesses to elevate their reputation by creating, publishing and broadcasting intelligent content.

Over 9 modules, you will

  • Brainstorm ideas to attract your ideal client

  • Understand your tech-stack needs

  • Understand why client avatars don't work and what to do instead

  • Create a library of ideas you can bank on

  • Know what the exact words to use to bring your ideal clients closer

  • Know which images are right for your brand

  • Learn how headlines and keywords really work

  • How to make an impact on social media

  • How to write articles even if you don't like writing

  • Know how to make your content go further and last longer

Your teacher for this course

  • Camille Blyth

    Founder | Content strategist |Avid reader

    Camille Blyth

    Camille is an experienced and versatile content strategist who has worked in digital production and as an online copywriter for over 20 years.  She believes content is an essential layer of your marketing stack if you are serious about sustainable long-term business growth. She has developed a proven system for creating content strategies and helping businesses publish regular, consistent content as part of their marketing and sales plans. She founded The Brilliant Content Agency in 2014 and now helps businesses across all industry areas leverage ongoing content for leads and growth.

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